Lucca at SM Megamall


5 layer Red Velvet Cake

Isn’t that slice of red velvet cake enough to make you jump out of your seat? Lucca quickly rose to fame with their affordable slices of delicious five-layer cakes that come in two flavors: red velvet and chocolate. What we wanted to find out was if their other food choices were just as great.


Clubhouse Sandwich (Php 245)

This is not your typical Clubhouse with layers of ham, chicken, and a ton of mayo sandwiched in white bread– it’s so so much better. They use their very own country bread which is nicely toasted– crisp on the outer edges and soft in the middle. The chicken is perfectly cooked, surprisingly juicy for the breast part. The serving was quite generous. I’d say that you can feed 1 hungry person or two snacky people with this. The salad, however was more like a garnish rather than a side.

The best part of the sandwich is that with every bite, you’ll have filling to go with it– it’s as if the sandwich was carefully assembled to have the perfect ratio. Also, whatever they use as mayo is nice and creamy without the overwhelming mayo taste. This is definitely a sandwich I’ll be craving for!


If you’re looking for something to snack on, these fries are a great fix. They actually taste like real potatoes and the salt and herbs that coat them make them good enough to eat alone. Gotta say that the chili is great too– not wet like traditional chili, more on the dry side with a lot of meat, which is great for those who wanna balance off carbo loading with some protein.

On service:

Perhaps this is the only thing that has been consistently lacking in Lucca. I think of the 3 times I’ve dined at Lucca, asking for water was a struggle every time. Also, everything takes long. For a sandwich, expect to wait around 20-25 minutes. You should probably ask for the bill in the middle of your meal because it takes that long.


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