Healthy Food Crawl 2: The Wholesome Table


I’m sure many of you have heard raving reviews about The Wholesome Table located at the newest end of High Street in BGC. The place is more than often packed with various people– some friends for reunion, others are couples on dates– either way, it’s clear that organic food is an item on many people’s lists.

Service was generally good and they had a full staff for dinner, making it easy to get help if you need it. Downside to the large crowd is that the restaurant does get noise, and if you’re having dinner between 6:30 and 8, you might want to call in for a reservation.


They start you off with some dinner rolls and herb butter. Nothing special about it, but the butter did seem fresher than what you would get from an ordinary restaurant.


Buddha Bowl Php 280

Probably one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. The Buddha Bowl is a vegan option which means it has no meat or any animal by-product. I was hesitant at first given that I was super hungry and food with no meat didn’t sound too filling. It’s an interesting mix with organic brown rice as its base topped with mixed vegetables, Thai curry, pea sprouts, and peanut brittle.

It had a nicely spicy kick to it and the ratio of toppings and rice was perfect. The pea sprouts gave a nice crunch along with the peanut brittle (plus nuts are rich in protein!) I swear, I’ve had dreams about this dish and would go back just for it.


Brown Rice Rissoto Php 150

The Brown Rice Rissotowas surprisingly flavorful and packed with moisture. I was thinking that since it was brown rice, it would be on the coarse or dry side. Plus you could really taste the parmesan cheese!


Oven Baked Clams Php 160

This dish was definitely value for money. This could be accompanied by the brown rice risotto or could stand well on its own given the large pieces of bread on the side. The clams were nicely fresh and didn’t have that fishy smell or taste.

Have you gone to Wholesome Table? What dishes should we try next?


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