Budget BGC: Go Bento

Working in BGC, it’s always a challenge to find affordable, non-fast food meal options. Almost any real food places nearby are quite expensive that it’s not practical to have your lunch or dinner there. There are several fast food chains around the fort but having fast food everyday isn’t good for your body. This is precisely why I decided to start Budget BGC, a tag that you can use to look for relatively inexpensive and healthy, non-fastfood eats in BGC. A new candidate for Budget BGC is Go Bento.

I was intrigued when I saw Go Bento being constructed earlier this year and I told myself I would try it when it opened. Fast forward to today, Go Bento has been open in BGC for quite a few months now and seems to be quite affordable and relatively healthy. Did it live up to my expectations?

Go Bento is set up in such a way that there are different stations: drinks and dessert, appetizers (salads, sashimi, maki etc.), donburi (rice toppings), freshly cooked food (tempura, furai, yakitori, soup,etc.) , and snacks. The interiors are bright and open with enough seats for at least 20 people. The food looked good and there’s something for everyone’s taste. For this visit, we got a salad, a rice meal, and a katsu. Total bill was at less than 500, which is not bad for two of us. The price of their snacks and drinks are also not so bad, just a bit higher than supermarket prices for some but cheaper than convenience stores.

seaweed salad go bento bgc
Seaweed Salad, Php 105
The seaweed salad looks quite small at first but while eating it, you find that it’s worth the money you spend. They generously pile on mushrooms, cucumber, and crab roe which, on one hand is good because it adds different textures to the dish, but on the other hand the actual seaweed gets overpowered. If you’re looking for a refreshing and healthy appetizer, do order this. However, keep in mind that it isn’t as good as the seaweed salad in authentic Japanese restaurants.


Hamburg Curry Rice Meal, Php 185
One of our go-to orders in Japanese restaurants is hamburger curry. For the price of 185, the serving is quite a steal, considering we’re in BGC and the burger and rice serving is pretty generous. It’s also served in a microwaveable container, making it good for taking out to eat in your office pantry as well. Taste-wise, I would say that it’s quite sweet, probably to suit the Filipino palate. While most people would prefer this, I prefer my curry to be spicy and strong as Japanese curry usually is. It’s a filling meal for 185 pesos, and it’s not bad either, but given how I prefer Japanese curry, I think I’ll try another dish next time.

Tonkatsu, Php 120
To be honest, I forgot what tonkatsu we ordered – Go Bento has both chicken and pork. Whichever it is, it was freshly cooked and not tough. Serving size is also pretty good, considering the price and location, though it was quite bland. The tonkatsu sauce that came with it was too sweet for my taste also; another dish that they probably modified to suit the common Filipino palate.


All in all, Go Bento is a pretty decent place to eat in BGC. Prices are reasonable and servings are quite hefty. I may just be nitpicking, since I really love Japanese food, but Go Bento isn’t as authentic as I’d like. However, I’m sure most Filipinos would enjoy eating here: budget BGC + decent food = happy tummy + happy wallet. I’m pretty sure I’ll be eating here again on one of those days when I’m looking for something quick, healthy, and relatively inexpensive.

Go Bento is located at Bonifacio High Street, 9th Street, Bonifacio Global City



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