McDonald’s Sans Rival McFlurry


Sansrival McFlurry, 49.00

With the return of the cookie butter mcflurry comes new offerings from McDonalds. They have 2 new coke floats (tiramisu and Black Forest) and a new mcflurry (Sansrival). Since I’m not really a big fan of soft drinks, I decided to try the mcflurry.

How did it fare? Consistency wise, it reminded me a bit of their cookie butter mcflurry. There were chunks that resembled the texture of the chocolate coating of the mcdip. It has a weird taste but it grows on you after a while. It doesn’t really taste like Sansrival, which isn’t a bad thing.

Will I buy it again? Oddly enough, I did enjoy the Sansrival McFlurry! I couldn’t understand the taste and flavor but I couldn’t stop eating it either. Give it a try and let me know what you think!



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