The first time I ate in Kettle was sometime last year. I loved it so much that I wanted to blog about it right away. But since I wasn’t able to try a lot of dishes that day, I decided to blog about it once I’ve revisited it. I’ve eaten there four times now and have tried several dishes already.


Kettle House Salad, 339.00

Since most of the dishes we were going to try are fried, we wanted to make our meal a bit more balanced by ordering salad. This specific salad caught my attention.

The Kettle House Salad is a mix of Arugula, Romaine Lettuce, toffee walnuts, bacon, grated manchego cheese, with berry balsamic dressing. I’m a sucker for candies nuts and fruity tasting salads so I had to order this. The serving was proportional to the price, not overwhelmingly big but enough to be an appetizer for 3 people or a full meal for 1 to 2 persons. I enjoyed the salad. The leaves were fresh, the plating was beautiful, the flavors coming together well.

It could use some improvement though. The walnuts were delicious, as expected, but I wish there was more of it. I would prefer the bacon to be crisper too and the cheese to be shaved instead of grated since I could barely taste it.

Would I order the salad again? I think I’d rather have salad in Cyma or Green Pastures.


Lentil and Sausage Soup, 219.00

I’m not so much of a soup fan so others might disagree with me on this but I found it too watery. It felt more like lentils in water with other mix ins. It was quite bland, we needed to add a lot of salt and pepper to make it flavorful. The sausage was pretty good but I think they have to work on the soup base. Also, the serving is quite small given the price.

For future Kettle visits, if I have to order a soup, I’ll probably try their Clam Chowder served in a bread bowl.


Pork and Potato Strips, 339.00

I’ve been wanting to try the pork and potato strips for a while now because of all the raves I’ve been hearing about it. I finally got to try it on my third time there. Presentation wise, it was a sight to behold: a tower of crisp potato strips, reminiscent of piknik. Once it was on our table though, the problem of how to eat it came about. It was huge and one wrong move can cause it to tumble down. It was stressful to think of the best way to eat it.

Taste wise, it was nothing special, the potato tasted like glorified piknik, the pork bits hidden under mounds of the potato. The sauce brought it all together, making it an addictive snack. They should have an option for people to order it to go and serve it in a paper bag, similar to popcorn, so people can eat it in the cinemas. Price wise though, I’m not too sold.


Shrimp po’boi, 419.00

This was the first dish I tried in Kettle, after seeing so many posts of it in It was a pretty hefty serving, good for one super hungry person or two people just wanting to try it.

We had the side upgraded to sweet potato fries, which was just okay. The cuts were way too big which made it quite tough to eat. Flavor wise, it didn’t taste so much like sweet potato too. Nevertheless, it’s a better alternative to regular steak-cut fries.

As for the sandwich, it was really a big mouthful, I couldn’t make it fit in my mouth! (Which is not necessarily a bad thing) The shrimps were perfectly cooked, seasoned just right, and you could really taste the plumpness of the shrimp. I wish they add shrimp poppers to their appetizers! The remoulade was too muh for me, though. In this case, less should be more. I had to scrape some of the sauce away to fully appreciate the flavor and texture of the sandwich.

All in all, I’d order this again, though I’ll probably request for the sauce to be on the side.


Buttermilk Fried Chicken, 519.00

I’ve eaten here four times now, I don’t think there’s any doubt that I’ll eat here again! I’m conflicted about this: on one hand I want to try other dishes on the menu, on the other hand I can’t not order the chicken! Kettle is comfort food done right. I wish their prices were a bit friendlier to the wallet but if you have some extra money to spare or would want to treat yourself, this is an excellent choice!


Kettle is located at Shangri La Plaza Mall, East Wing


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