Starbucks Banana Mango Frappuccino


Good morning! It’s a great day to drop by Starbucks to try out their new offerings and get double the stars when you buy these with your Starbucks card (From April 22-24) 🙂 for breakfast, I had the new Banana Mango Frappuccino. Great thing is that they used a whole banana along with the same mango flavoring they use for their Mango Passionfruit drink. While it’s sad that they didn’t use real mangoes, Starbucks made a great healthy option for those who want their Starbucks on the healthier side.

The new drinks, Banana Mango and Caramel Ribbon Crunch only come in Grande and Venti sizes. Make sure to stop by Starbucks on the 28th for the buy one Caramel Ribbon Crunch, get one free! Share your love for coffee with your best friend 🙂

Reviews on their other new offerings soon!

<3, Jellie


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