Mesclun Bistro


Bright and airy

Clean and simple logo

Urban decors

The interiors are nice and bright. The restaurant has a small space but they manage to make it seem roomy and breathable. There are simple design accents that make the place likeable: the hanging light bulbs, the chalkboard with the specialties, and the wine display. This is a good place to go to with your friends and family.


Complimentary bread and herbed butter

Complimentary bread and herbed butter is served while waiting for the orders to arrive. I always appreciate free appetizers and wouldn’t judge a restaurant so much by the quality of it because it’s free. The bread was warm and crusty enough but full of air once you rip apart a piece. The herbed butter was quite tasty. All in all, thumbs up for giving customers something to munch on. It was a decent complimentary appetizer. It was definitely a promising start to our dining experience!


Mesclun Salad, to share Php365.00
After days of eating meat, I was really craving for a good salad. I’m always in the mood for fruity nutty salads with some flavored vinaigrette. I feel so light and refreshed after eating these kinds.

Mesclun had different salads in their menu catering to the various salad eaters: salads with meat, salads with cheese, salads with fruits, etc. I decided to go for the Mesclun salad which contained prosciutto, peaches, nuts, and cheese, served with balsamic vinaigrette.

It did not disappoint. It was a hearty salad that I enjoyed eating. I would go back to have this salad. Is it the best salad? No, it isn’t. But it’s pretty darn good. No complaints here.


Andre’s poke, Php345.00
It’s my first time to try poke. I’m very fond of spicy tuna salad in Japanese restaurants and was curious as to what the difference between these two dishes are. Upon taking a bite of Andre’s Poke (yes, it sounds wrong), I immediately tasted the addition of ginger. There was quite a lot of it but it’s probably because the tuna is not the freshest. Aside from ginger, I believe it had some mayonnaise, sriracha, nori strips, mixed spices. I can’t really describe how it tasted like. The best way I can describe it is it’s like a spicy tuna salad that’s sweeter and more refreshing, without the spicy part. I really enjoyed the poke and would come back here just to eat it again.

Tip: you may ask for extra toast, the serving of poke is pretty generous.


Sisig Spaghetti, single Php245.00
The sisig spaghetti is one of their bestsellers, according to their menu. Sisig and spaghetti mixed together? Count me in!

Upon taking a bite of the pasta, I was immediately assaulted by the creamy yet tangy sauce. I loved the flavor! It didn’t really taste like sisig that much though and I wish there was crispy sisig mixed in it to give it more texture and sisig-ness. But as a pasta dish I really enjoyed it. The noodles were al dente, the flavors were spot on, and the serving size was just right, especially since we wanted to try other dishes. They have a bigger size too for those with heartier appetizers. Will definitely order this again.


Sarangani Bay Apahap, single Php595.00
After ordering a lot of dishes, we wanted to get something light and not so guilt-inducing. The apahap was well-cooked with no trace of fishiness. The sauce was very light but complemented the natural taste of the fish well. I loved the mix of the vegetables on top, the fish, and the sauce. It was a very light but happy dish.

This was supposed to come with rice pilaf but they forgot to serve it to us. We mentioned it after finishing the fish because I was bothered that they didn’t serve it while we were eating. I was hoping that it just took a bit longer but it didn’t arrived. They just apologized and asked us if we wanted to take the rice pilaf out. We opted not to but I wish they would have given us a free dessert. 🙂 Hihi. We didn’t complain anymore because of the good service before that.

I love it when a restaurant does it’s best to make the diners feel comfortable. That’s the appeal of fine dining for me; you’re well taken care of and you feel like royalty. But that value added service usually comes at an exorbitant price. I was pleased to note this isn’t the case in Mesclun Bistro. They always make sure your glass is filled with water, they serve the dishes by course and automatically take it away after, they even change your plates and utensils after every course! You get excellent service at a reasonable price.

I’ll definitely eat here again! There are a lot of dishes I want to go back for and I’m interested to try their crispy pata too. 🙂


Mesclun Bistro is located in Serendra, Bonifacio Global City


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