Karnitas Korner

In one of the lesser known streets of foodie haven, Kapitolyo, is a little restaurant called Karnitas Korner. Don’t let the quiet surroundings fool you as the food is anything but. The space is quaint– perhaps good enough to seat 10-15 inside and a group of 8-10 outside. The walls are decorated with cool abstract art which is a great backdrop for your Instagram photos.

See? The perfect backdrop for great pictures 🙂 Picture c/o PJ Santiago

Their specialty is the Porchetta and it comes in different forms– nacho, soft taco, rice, salad, and pasta– so there’s something for everyone. For this visit I had the Porchetta Soft Tacos. They were amazinggg. The tacos were soft and perfect for holding all of the filling. (One of the worst things that could happen when you’re eating a soft taco is if the taco itself gives way and everything spills out!) 

The slaw was a great complement to the pork. It was crisp and fresh which made the experience slightly less guilty. The chili sauce cut through the richness of the porchetta nicely. What was great was that none of the other elements overshadowed the true star of the dish– the porchetta. With its perfectly crispy skin and tender meat, I guarantee you’ll be craving for this dish. Make sure you top the taco with some of the sour cream sauce that’s served with it to complete the experience.

Porchetta Tacos (Php 185)

We also had their Dalandan Juice. While this was a great way to cleanse the palate, it was a bit too sweet and not the first thing I’d go back for.

Dalandan Juice (Php 50)

For dessert, we had their Snickerdoodle and Brownie topped with vanilla ice cream. The cookie/brownie is warm and gooey which goes great with the ice cream. The dessert is simple and a good end to a very tasty meal.

Have you eaten at Karnitas Korner? Let us know what you think down at the comments section! 🙂

Karnitas Korner is located at Phil-Am Road Kapitolyo, Pasig City


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