Fat Butchik’s

The Sims were invited to try out a new restaurant in BF last December: Fat Butchik’s. Butchik, owner and head chef, invited us to come over to see the place, try the food, and give our thoughts and feedback / constructive criticism if necessary.

Fat Butchik’s is one of the many restaurants that are in the BF area. With all of the new eating places in Aguirre, it’s easy to miss this hidden rooftop spot. Once you do find it, though, after going up two flights of stairs, this outdoor roof deck, though minimally decorated, seems to call you in to sit and chill and have a cold beer or five. This is exactly what Butchik wants the place to be.

Fat Butchik’s is representative of the south culture – open and laid back. No pretense and just a good place to chill. The tables are very basic, foldable ones, paired with mono lock chairs. The artwork adds a bit of character the place but my favorite part of the place is the lit paper lanterns – a great contrast to the dark evening sky. It just makes the place glow. We went here one December evening and the col breeze just made the experience of dining here a lot better. I suppose it would be warmer on some days and rain might make it a bit difficult to eat here since its outdoors but otherwise, it would be a great place to hang out and chill with your friends based on the physical components alone.


fat butchik paranaque bf blog
mural on the wall


fat butchik's bf paranaque
roofdeck dining



They serve beer, soda, and other cocktails as well. Again, they cater to all kinds of people in your barkada – the drinkers and the designated drivers.





Be warned, however, that the food takes a really long time before it is served – there weren’t a lot of people when we went and it took around 30 minutes or so for us to be served. It’s relatively new so I hope they’ll be able to work on this too.


Note: Don’t come here super hungry! Even the appetizers take a while to get served.

truffle parmesan fries, php150

The Parmesan truffle fries got served towards the end of the meal already, even after the main dishes, but these were pretty good. They didn’t taste so much like truffle though, might be better to drop it and just call them Parmesan fries instead. The frying was a bit uneven but I really love the fact that they use fresh potatoes – it tastes so much better than frozen fries! I’d order them again, just not thinking they’re supposed to be truffle, and hopefully it would take them less time to serve it next time.

burger sliders, php280

The burgers were served a bit cold already, especially the fries, which says that they have to fix their production line to make sure things get cooked at similar times so it’s still warm when served. We couldn’t taste the blue cheese in this so much and the pan de sal bread made it a bit sweet for our taste. Perhaps this is more suited to those who have the typical Filipino Palate, it just wasn’t our type. The fries tasted quite different from the truffle fries appetizer though, not sure why. I’d much rather order another dish next time.

smashed potatoes, php80

Their smashed potatoes are pretty good! They taste like Wendy’s baked potatoes, which I love, and the cheese sauce is really good. This is a great side to the main dishes like the sausage and the pork belly. However, this was served towards the end of our meal so we weren’t able to pair it with our mains. Again, timing is something that Butchik said they would work on so hopefully they’ve fixed it already.

cheese sausage platter, php280

This was our favorite main dish that night. The sausage was really good and meaty – tasty and delicious! The side of garlic is also something else – must try it! I’d come back for their sausage.

bowl o’ red, php150

The bowl of chili was quite bland – it needed more seasoning. It was also a bit too watery for our taste as I prefer thick tasty chili with lots of beans. I’d skip this and try another one of their appetizers.

pork belly platter, php280

This is Fat Butchik’s specialty. They smoke their own meat and cook it on the spot so it really takes a while. The serving size of the platter was a bit small for us, though it might be enough for 1-2 not so hungry people. This was also a bit bland and the part we got was kind of fatty so we didn’t enjoy this so much. It’s okay, but we’d much prefer the sausage. The platter doesn’t come with rice so better order rice or sides. Our recommendation: smashed potatoes.

barely a cookie, php150

I love to bake and have very high standards for desserts – most places just don’t have good desserts. Surprisingly, the cookie dough ala mode was pretty darn good! It has my seal of approval – something I don’t give for desserts often and it was so unexpected to have a great dessert in a rooftop chill place that specializes in smoking meat. It was a great end to our meal. Try this!!
Overall, the concept of Fat Butchik’s is good – somewhere people can go to hang out and just have good food while enjoying the breezy southern air under the stars. Butchik is very passionate about food, looking to improve however he can. However, major pain points would be seasoning of the food and waiting time. Fat Butchik’s has potential and a solid vision, they just need to execute a bit better. Not to miss is the cheese sausage, smashed potatoes, and barely a cookie. I’m excited to see this place improve from when we visited. With a few improvements on their food and shorter serving time, Fat Butchik’s can be the next “it place” to chill in the south.

Fat Butchik’s is located at 364 El Grande, BF Homes, Parañaque

The Sims didn’t pay for this meal but the review reflects our honest views on the establishment. 


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