As much as I hate to begin on a negative note, I can’t help but start off my career on this site by talking about a dismal experience Micah and I had at Stackers Burger. The resurrection of our enthusiasm with regards to starting up this blog all began when the Sims plus Micah and Roger discussed good and bad experiences regarding food.

It all started with our usual walk around Alabang Town Center (ATC) while looking for a place to eat. While walking along the new wing, we decided to check out the Stackers menu. The prices were surprisingly average, even to the point of being affordable, relative to the pictures of the food. This perceived value for money was what ultimately drew us in.

Upon sitting at our table, we were pretty much set on having burgers. I mean, why even eat at a burger joint if you aren’t going to have a burger, amirite? I ordered the Double Jack Burger, which had two beef patties, bacon, mushrooms, cheese, and lettuce, while Micah ordered the Crazy Deluxe Burger, which had caramelized onions, double lettuce, cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. We also availed of the Php 65 add-on for fries and a choice between soda or iced tea.



We finished our food and I asked for the bill. I also asked the waiter what the difference between the Stack Cheese and the Crazy Deluxe was. He nonchalantly answered:

“Sir, yung Stack Cheese (Php 135), Stackers special sauce po yung nakalagay. Sa Crazy Deluxe (185), Ketchup Mayo Mustard with exta Lettuce.”

Ordering extra Stackers sauce would set you back 35 pesos. Ordering mayo would set you back only 15 pesos. Ketchup is free. So basically, he was saying that you pay 70 pesos more for the mustard (which we didn’t see nor taste) and the extra piece of (wilted) lettuce. That made no sense. He even confirmed with the cooks if he was correct, and if they served us the right orders. He said he was, and they did.

I talked to the manager upon paying for the bill. I told her about this, and long story short, she said that if I really believed that what we were served was the Stack Cheese, then that’s what we’d be billed. I disliked the fact that she placed it on me to decide what to do, since she should be the one showing initiative. We ended up paying for the Stack Cheese.

We entered Stackers with so much enthusiasm and expectation. Burger lovers are always seeking for that next great burger, with the perfect combination of taste, ambiance, customer service, and value. I am no exception; I seek excellence when it comes to burgers, since I know how easy it is to make them. For those wanting premium burgers, you are better-served looking elsewhere. For those wanting value for money, again you are better-served looking elsewhere.

When, you may ask, should anyone go and get some food at Stackers, then?

They shouldn’t.



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