The New McDonald’s Ice Cream Line-Up

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For our first quick and SIMple blog entry, we’ll be talking about the newest additions to the McDonald’s dessert line up. We were able to try four of the new ones and here’s what we thought:


Red Velvet McDip and Chocnut McDip (15 pesos each)


The Red Velvet McDip was disappointing. Red Velvet normally has a rich chocolate flavor with a bit of a tangy note. The “red velvet” tasted more like white chocolate that was dyed red. Nothing special about it.


The Chocnut McDip on the other hand was different from other variants we’ve tried before. While not as sweet as the original Filipino chocolate, it still was reminiscent of the flavor. Peanut butter lovers will enjoy this as well 🙂


Cookie Butter McFlurry (45 pesos)
I’m a true cookie butter fan so I was super excited to try this one! The flavor was spot on– tasted just like cookie butter with a stronger ginger taste. I’ll be honest in saying that I was disappointed since I thought that it would have bits of the Speculoos cookie (like the Oreo McFlurry) or even just a smooth ice cream with cookie butter incorporated into it. We thought it was too chunky and that the texture was more like the McDip or like hardened ice cream topping.


Salted Caramel Sundae

Finally, a less sweet version of our favorite caramel sundae! The saltiness makes for a nice balance and the sweetness isn’t as overpowering. This sundae is for those who like caramel but don’t enjoy the sweetness of the original caramel sundae. Downside (or upside for some) is that the caramel isn’t as gooey and sticky as the real thing– it seemed a bit watered down 😦

I personally would only purchase the salted caramel sundae again. To me, the McDips didn’t interest me and the Cookie Butter McFlurry just wasn’t as good as the real thing. 🙂

❤ Jellie (+Queenie and Mommy’s input)


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