Gelato in Manila

While artisanal ice cream has been around for a while, exploring the untapped flavor combinations such as green mango and bagoong (Sebastian’s) to perfecting more well-known flavors such as butter pecan and salted caramel (Carmen’s Best), gelato is slowly creeping its way into the picture. What makes gelato different from icecream would be that it has a silkier, smoother texture and is denser than icecream since there is less air whipped into the mixture.

For this entry I’ll be talking about Gelatissimo, Bono Gelato, and Bar Dolci.

Gelatissimo, Serendra
Gelatissimo has a wide variety of flavors ranging from old favorites like Cadbury chocolate to more exotic ones like coconut and orange. For this visit I tried Aero Mint Chocolate and Cheesecake gelato.


Gelatissimo Mint Chocolate and Cheesecake Gelato (Php 120 each)
The cheesecake gelato was tangy, sweet and fruity. It tasted just like a cheesecake and had the nice smoothness of gelato.

The mint chocolate gelato was very minty indeed! Great thing about it was that the mint wasn’t like toothpaste. The chocolate chunks in the gelato were milky and balanced the mint base gelato very nicely.

More things to try at Gelatissimo: Belgian Chocolate, Gelatissimo sundaes and their premium coffee roasts

Bono Gelato, Podium


Small Size Movie Night (Php 85) Single Size Pistachio (Php 130)
Bono Gelato in Podium houses some of the most modern and delicious flavors I’ve ever had. All scoops are served with a milky wafer which is similar to having gelato in a cone. The gelato on the left is called Movie Night, which had chunks of chocolate covered potato chips and swirls of caramel. The base of the gelato itself was creamy and fresh tasting. The potato chips were crispy and the caramel balanced the saltiness out nicely.

The pistachio icecream on the right was extremely rich in flavor and the chunks of pistachios were crunchy and generous.

More things to try at Bono: Malted Milk, Milo Dinosaur, Dark Chocolate

Bar Dolci, Burgos Circle

Bar Dolci is a gelato and macaron dessert shop. Their best selling gelato is Ferrero, but in the spirit of trying something new, we tried Mexican Hot Chocolate and Browned Butter Pecan along with it.

Mexican Chocolate, Ferrero and Browned Butter Pecan (Php 120 each)
My friend who had the Mexican Hot Chocolate (on the far left) said it was spicy and something different. It’s a rich, dark chocolate with a nice spicy undertone. The Ferrero in the middle tasted just like that and if you’re a Ferrero, lover, it’s a good gelato version. Lastly, the Browned Butter Pecan in the right contained the most perfect crunchy roasted pecans. The base of the gelato was unimpressive, however. It lacked the creaminess and smoothness normally found in other gelatos.

More things to try at Bar Dolci: Limoncello, Salted Caramel

My personal favorite is Bono Gelato because it was creamy and the flavors were unique 🙂

Let us know what other gelato places we should try and what your favorite flavors are!

❤ Jellie


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