Wrong Ramen

Ramen is one of the current food trends, and while places like Yushoken and Ukokei take pride in their authentic Japanese ramen, Wrong Ramen thrives in the fact that they make ramen the “wrong” way. The two floor restaurant is located in the heart of Burgos Circle, BGC where a lot of great restaurants can be found. The ambiance of the restaurant is unique. Long tables with panels separating groups and individuals which makes for an interesting dining experience but makes it difficult to have intimate conversations since you would be sitting very close to your fellow diners.

The menu contained six ramen choices, three of them are more familiar to those who have had ramen before while the others are signature dishes and unique ones at that. My friends and I ordered three different types– Tonkotsu Light, The Communist and Sea-Men.


The dish I had was the cleverly named Sea-Men, which was a clear broth with squid, shrimp and a variety of vegetables. The serving was extremely generous for Php 345, which is slightly less expensive than other ramen houses. I was excited for the seafood, but when I started eating, I found myself disappointed. The shrimps were very small and didn’t taste fresh and the squid was rubbery and overcooked. Perhaps what saved my dish was the broth which had a strong seafood flavor. The noodles were a little heavy and I’ve had better, but they were pretty good as well.


My friend Mike had The Communist which is ramen with an extremely spicy broth. I wasn’t able to try his ramen, but the color of the broth was a bright red which showed how spicy the soup was and by the time he was done with his bowl, he was drenched in sweat and had gone through a few glasses of water. He says that the ramen was good and the spiciness was true to the given description.


My other friend, Jaime, had the Tonkotsu Light. This is something that I love about Wrong Ramen. They have a lighter version of the real thing (according to the waiter it’s lighter in terms of fat) and it also seemed lighter in price (P290) and flavor. For those who aren’t into bold flavors and who just want some mild flavored ramen to satisfy a craving, this is a good way to go!

If anything, I have to commend Wrong Ramen for finding a way to innovate something people are trying so hard to imitate. While the ramen, to me, was too dense I enjoyed my ramen at Wrong because they made it a unique experience. While I wouldn’t order Sea-Men again, the other flavors (such as FU ramen) really intrigue me.

Have you tried Wrong Ramen? Leave a comment to let me know what you think!

❤ Jellie


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