Rue Bourbon

I first heard of Rue Bourbon because of their caramel beer. I’ve been wanting to try their beer out for ages, so when my friends suggested Rue Bourbon as the destination for our night out in Eastwood, I happily agreed!
Even if it was a Tuesday night, the place was really packed. We sat outside and it wasn’t able to get a glimpse of how the inside looks. We told the waitress to move us to the inside when there’s a table available but I guess people really stay there long to chat over big ass beers so we stayed outside the whole time. The place wasn’t bad and it was quite chilly anyway so we enjoyed the ambiance.Since we went straight to Eastwood after work, we decided to eat dinner first before trying out their beers. They serve a wide variety of dishes from pasta to ribs to pizza to a vast selection of appetizers, it’s my kind of food!


Roast Beef Poutine, P280
The roast beef poutine was really good! It was tasty and had the melt-in-your-mouth texture. The parts with fat were so delicious, I swear, my eyes closed for a second to savor the taste. The gravy was a bit too overpowering though since the beef was tasty on its own. I think next time, because I will have their roast beef again, I’ll ask for the gravy on the side. As for the potatoes, they were okay. I just wish they were crisper and crunchier to give more bite and textural contrast. It also could have been affected by the gravy so next time I’ll really ask for the gravy on the side. Overall, this was a winning dish all because of the beef! I’m craving for it as I type!


Jambalaya with Blackened Chicken, P290

After the really yummy roast beef, I was expecting a lot from the entree, and sadly, it didn’t live up to my expectations. The chicken was perfectly cooked, juicy and not burnt. But it didn’t taste like anything. I wish they seasoned the chicken with some rosemary or even just salt and pepper. The jambalaya was okay. Again, well cooked but lacking in depth of flavor. Upon checking the menu, it mentioned that the jambalaya has sausages but honestly, I didn’t taste it at all. Underwhelming entree that could easily be fixed by adding spices. I hope they do something about it.

Big Ass Caramel Beer (Yes, it’s really called Big Ass) Php 260
I was expecting this to be like how butterbeer would taste like: sweet and buttery. There was a hint of sweetness but it wasn’t caramel-y enough for me. However, I usually don’t like beer and I was able to finish more than half of it so it made beer more bearable for me. All in all, it’s pretty good for the price. One of this is enough for a night of catching up. I’ll try the other flavors next time.At the end of the day, will I eat here again? Yes, definitely! Rue Bourbon has promising food since what I had were all well cooked. I’ll go back for the roast beef, though maybe without fries, and I’d like to try the other items on their menu. The beer is a good complement to the meal. Rue Bourbon is a great place to have dinner and drinks!



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