Lombardi’s Authentic Italian


Lombardi’s is in the East Wing of Shangri La, right next to Green Pastures and Corazon.

The place is nice– simple furnishing and a roomy interior. Nice place to dine with friends and have a chat. 🙂 the restaurants around them are always super crowded while Lombardi’s is almost always empty. I decided that I should give this place a chance.


While you’re sitting down waiting, the waiter gives these small rolls of bread alongside balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The bread is buttery and dense– not the best match forthe dip. It’s free though, so it wasn’t really a problem. I think i nice piece of foccacia would have been more appropriate.


The picture above shows Taglioni Tartufati (Php 400) which is flat spaghetti noodles with Italian mushroom with black truffle. The noodles are fresh but a bit on the soft side of al dente– but the noodles still had a bit of firmness in them. The taste of the black truffle was strong but not overwhelming. Serving is big enough for 1 hungry person or two moderately hungry people. What I didn’t like was how they served parmesan powder next to it. It’s an authentic Italian place so I was hoping to have parmesan shavings instead. This dish is definitely for mushroom lovers only!


Above shows the Quattro Formaggi Pizza or Four Cheese 🙂 the types of cheese they use are mozarella +3 secret cheeses. I would’ve liked to know what kind of cheese I was having so that i could appreciate it better. (and so we also know what we’re paying for) The crust is thin and baked in a brick oven. Sad to say, extreme cheese lovers might be disappointed since there was a lack of variety in the flavors. It really just tasted like premium mozarella cheese pizza with little bits of other cheese. Kids would probably like this since there isn’t any tomato sauce and the flavors are mild. The dough was nicely crisp but soft at the same time– which was nice but it’s not the best I’ve had.

Would I come back to Lombardi’s? Yes, but simply to have more pasta. The pizza, while not bad, was not crave worthy.

Have you tried Lombardi’s? What do you think? Leave me a message below!

❤ Jellie


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