Yellow Cab Sriracha Wings

Wings are a-dime-a-dozen in the Metro, with stores popping up left and right, all with their own take on what constitutes the perfect chicken wing (most named Wing-insertwordhere). When thinking of where to go to satisfy our (at least) monthly wing craving, Yellow Cab is waaaaaaay down on the list, being known more as everyone’s go-to place for awesome pizza (shout-out to their 4-seasons pizza which is a family favorite), but they recently came out with their rendition of a snack-time favorite in hopes of changing this.

Enter, the Yellow Cab Sriracha Wings.

Yellow Cab Sriracha Wings

Their Sriracha Wings (Php 280/8 pcs, Php 400/12 pcs) surprised us greatly not only with how flavorful the chicken was, but more so because the powdered spice blend was ON POINT. Seriously, put the spice blend on anything and it would become 100x better. The heat isn’t too overpowering, teasing and tickling but never really kicking, with a hint of lime to play the yang to the sriracha’s ying. The ranch serves to soothe, but in all honesty isn’t even necessary due to the fact that this is a lot more balanced than the typical in-your-face hot wing.

Yellow Cab hit the nail on the head with this one, and has added another item on their menu which is perfect for the house party (inuman for short) that South peeps are so accustomed to. Their Sriracha Wings are a must-try, and the only thing you’ll possibly regret is not having a whole order to yourself.

Hit up your nearest Yellow Cab branch (or have it delivered to avoid the insane traffic) and let us know what you think!



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