Magnum Manila

I’ve been to the Magnum Cafe in Bangkok last year but wasn’t able to make my own magnum there. They stopped offering it after some time. They had other desserts there and it did not disappoint!

This year, Magnum opened a cafe in Manila, in SM Aura to be exact. It is said that it’s not going to be around forever, it’s more of a marketing campaign, but I do hope they stick around. They offer cafe fare, various desserts complemented by Magnum bars, as well as the Make Your Own Magnum.


It’s been way too long since I’ve last blogged in this site and I’ve got to say, I have so many food finds to tell all of you about! These days, it’s hard to go on a diet with all the new restaurants popping up. So I said, “Screw the diet!” and decided to work out extra hard instead. I have so many places lined up, some new, some not-so-new, and so many new ideas for the blog so please do stay posted for those. In the meantime, let’s talk about one of the newer restaurants in the BGC Area: Magnum Manila.


The interiors are simple yet classy. That seems to be the look of the cafe: polished and sophisticated. The ambiance is perfect for a date or for lunch out with your girlfriends. The cafe is very picturesque and has a lot of interesting visual elements  that capture the attention.

Asian Steak Salad, Php380.00
The salad was actually really good! It’s one of my favorite salads here in the Metro. The serving size was generous, enough for 3 people for starters. The steak was perfectly cooked it felt like it was melting in my mouth! The dressing went well with all the other components. The only downside of this salad was the wonton chips. I really love wonton chiprs but the wonton in this tasted like it was fried in old oil. Maybe it was a bad batch of crisps, I’m not too sure. We just decided to not eat the crisps. But I’ll definitely be ordering this salad again! The steak! OMG.

Carbonara with Cocoa Dusted Bacon and Sous Vide Egg, Php320.00
I usually don’t order pastas if it’s not from an Italian restaurant but I read that the carbonara was one of the bestsellers so I decided to give it a shot. The bacon was crisp (but I couldn’t taste the cocoa), the egg was well-cooked, the pasta was al dente, but the seasoning was quite off. It didn’t taste like much that even Jellie, the sister with the salt-sensitive palate, found it lacking in taste! They should definitely make it more flavorful, maybe infuse some bacon oil into the pasta or something. Promising, but not there yet.

Cocoa Rubbed Chicken with Wild Rice Pilaf, Php400.00 (and with a side of Creamed Spinach, Php60.00)
This chicken dish was so good and definitely value for money. At first taste, when you try all the elements of the dish separately, it tastes just okay. Combine a bit of chicken, spinach, and rice in a bite and it’s a totally different thing! Everything in this dish goes so well together. I couldn’t taste the cocoa yet again but it was really, really good. The serving size makes it good for sharing so it’s definitely value for money. Do order this when you eat here. You won’t regret it.

Cookie Dough Skillet, Php300.00
We had a hard time deciding what dessert to get since there are so many different options to choose from. Everything on their dessert menu looked appealing but since we were full from our meal (we were three and we even had take out!), we decided to try just one dessert. The cookie dough skillet that the others ordered smelled so good that we decided to try that as well. I love freshly baked cookies.

The dessert itself was just okay. It might be because I bake my own cookies but Magnum Manila’s cookie was lacking for me. I wish it was a bit chewier with more fillings to make it tastier as the parts with pecan and chocolate chips were quite good. Or perhaps they should add more brown sugar to their cookie mix to give it a more caramel-like flavor. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t superb either. I’ll try their other Magnum creations next time.



Vanilla Magnum dipped in Dark Chocolate coating, topped with honeycomb, pretzels, and potato chips, and drizzled with milk chocolate, Php100.00
I know you’re thinking “This girl eats a lot, she still had a custom Magnum after everything?!”
But I’m not that great, I had this at a different time.

This was really good, it being my creation, but just a tad bit too sweet. Next time I’ll probably add sea salt or chili flakes. Or remove the honeycomb. Choose your toppings wisely! But this was really, insanely, saliva-inducing good. And for 100 pesos? Heaven on earth!

I will definitely come back here. I love this place and I look forward to trying the other items on their menu. If you haven’t yet, give Magnum Manila a try! It may seem a bit pricey but with the serving size, it’s actually not so bad.

Magnum Manila
5th Floor SM Aura
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


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