Quest for the Best: Burger (episode 1)

Hello, avid readers! We at Feed the Sims have something special in store for you for the next 12 months. As foodies, we are usually constrained only by what our mouths dictate when it comes to choosing food. But, coming from the South, a distance away from foodie hotspots such as Timog, Katipunan, Maginhawa, and Kapitolyo, we have to make do with choices here in our area, else face the dreaded Metro Manila traffic (and hefty toll fees).

Which brings me to the inception of the idea which sparked this article. A few weeks back, our favorite couple (Jobz and Fefu) asked us what was the best burger we’ve ever eaten in the Philippines, besides the one I make at home (humblebragz =D). Micah and I couldn’t come up with a concrete answer. As we all have seen, a lot of burger joints have been making waves in the North; 8 Cuts, Burgers and Brewskies, and the Burger Project to name a few. Thus, here we are, sampling a new burger joint every 15th and 30th of the month (yes, to coincide with payday), in our quest to find the Best Burger in the South (and yes, your suggestions are VERY welcome).


South Side Represent
For criteria, here is what Micah and I will be using:

Patty (20 points) – The patty is the heart and soul of the burger. Enough said.

Composition (15 points) – This refers to the make-up of the burger. Size, toppings, condiments, its appeal to the senses, among others.

Bun (10 points) – The bun is often overlooked, but is vital in ensuring a remarkable burger experience.

Value (5) – Since not everyone has the same budget to spend on food, this was given minimal weight.

To judge each place, Micah and I will be scoring our own order, summing the scores, and adding short notes regarding a Bonus Item (side dish), be it fries, wedges, or the like.


231-C Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City
To kick off our project, we picked The Burgery in BF Homes. We first spotted this joint when we fulfilled our affordable katsu fix at Crazy Katsu located right beside it. Being the “Bad Boys of Burger”, we took down a mental note to try it some time, and now we have.

Micah’s Pick – Big Al (Php170)


1/3 lb pure beef patty, hickory smoked barbecue sauce, bacon, romaine, onion jam, cheese
Patty (13/20) – The reason I rated the patty low is mostly due to my personal preference. I like my meat cooked at least medium, but the patty was a bit on the raw side for me. I like my burger patty compact, while the patty on my burger was quite loose. Also, when tasted alone, it was a bit lacking in seasoning.

Composition (13/15) – I found the burger tasty, mostly because the pairing of bbq sauce and onion rings is one of my favorite flavor profiles. The bbq sauce could use a little less sugar and a little more smokiness.

Bun (7/10) – Toasted buns please! A bit stale, but the oats on top were a nice touch. Bonus points for not becoming a soggy mess.

Value (4/5) – Decent burgers at affordable prices are hard to come by. Even if the burger was more snack-sized than meal-sized, there is value to be had. Make it a little lighter on the wallet and that place would have even greater fanfare.


Jason’s Pick – Jimmy Bleu Eyes (Php 240)

1/3 lb pure beef patty, bacon, bleu cheese sauce, crumbled bleu cheese, romaine, onion jam
Patty (15/20) – The 1/3 lb pure beef patty was cooked to my liking, with enough char on the outside while remaining moist on the inside. I tend to like my burgers on the medium rare side, which is why I found the doneness pretty good. Seasoned just enough, it retained the meaty, beefy flavor that allows the steak-like flavor to shine through.
Composition (12/15) – For burger-lovers who swear by eating things with their hands, this burger is just the one for you. The messy blue cheese sauce is sure to get your face all messy, but it was slightly underwhelming in flavor, probably as a concession to people who aren’t exactly bleu cheese enthusiasts. The bacon and onion jam accentuate the dish with the requisite saltiness and sweetness, with the romaine strips adding color and a little crunch.

Bun (6/10) – The thickness and diameter of the bun were just right, perfectly in proportion with all the goodness it contained. Topped with oats, it gives off the vibe that some thought was put into choosing the right bun. A little crunch and some seasoning on the inside and outside would do wonders, though. Easily replaceable.

Value (3.5/5) – Comparable in price to other mid-level joints such as Brother’s Burger and Army Navy, this burger provides an upscale ingredient list while sacrificing on the massiveness scale. Not the place to go to when you are famished. More like a place to get a mid-day snack after running some errands or getting a massage.

TOTAL SCORE = 36.5/50

Bonus Eats: Burgery Style Wedges (Php 120)


Fried Homemade Wedges, Burgery Sauce, Bacon, Cheese

Micah (3.5/5) – The best part of the meal. Hands down. Will come back even for this only. Only thing I think they can improve on is making the wedges same-sized, to prevent the occurrence of uncrispy pieces.

Jason (3/5) – Unlike Micah, I found these pretty much meh. Like she said, some pieces weren’t crispy, even to the point of being soggy. The Burgery Sauce did not stand out and that isn’t a good sign, since it IS their trademark sauce. Some improvements to be had here.

The Burgery Total Score = 73.5/100


Burgers and wedges best paired with any beer of your choice (Local and imported available)
All in all, our experience at The Burgery was pretty much okay. The food was fine, the parking space was a bit small, and the service was okay. The food came out in 10 minutes which is impressive. The menu has a little bit of everything for everyone, and we even chanced upon a local celebrity when we were finishing up.

Kicking off this project, The Burgery was a good start. It wasn’t too good that we’d have difficulty finding something better, yet not too bad that we didn’t have a good time. There are still quite a few burger variations that we could choose from in the future, and if ever you are looking for a place to grab a quick snack (without ruining your appetite for dinner), then The Burgery is a solid choice.

The Menu

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