Healthy Food Crawl 1: Wholefood Remedy

To start off my own version of Jason’s Quest for the Best, I’m going to be doing a series called Jellie’s Healthy Food Crawl. Lately, I’ve been more concerned with what I’ve been putting into my body, more concious about the increasing health risks given all the junk food I enjoy when treating myself. So why not be healthy nost of the time in order to enjoy those churro/burger/whatever binges even more?

I’m starting this off with WholeFood Remedy, Katipunan. It was a quick stop, so I wasn’t able to get a lot of photos of the place.

Their menu is quite limited for now, but I had their best sellers, the Kani Mango Wrap and the Mixed Berries Smoothie.


Mango Kani Wrap (Php 140)

The Kani Mango Wrap was prepared as we prdered. The wrap itself was whole wheat tortilla and it was good because it wasn’t tough which is the tendency of most whole wheat items. The mango was sweet and that with the kani was reminiscent of California Maki. The wrap also had some romaine lettuce which wasn’t too crisp anymore, but not yet wilting. Overall, the dish was good and fresh tasting. Not exactly something I’d crave for, but it’s a good placeholder for whatever wrap or sandwich you were planning to grab from the nearby KFC.


Mixed Berries Smoothie (Php 110)

The mixed berries smoothie is a part of their selection that’s made with Kefir (fermented milk drink) which gives the drink a yogurt-like undertone. I think the consistency could be improved given that the drink was a bit too icy and lacked volume. Otherwise the flavor was decent, albeit forgettable.

What dishes have you tried from WholeFood Remedy? 🙂


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