Meet the Sims

This page is about 4 siblings who love food. Browse through the different pages to see what the different Sims like to eat.
For quick snacks we found, click on SIMple Bites


Who are The Sims?

We are 4 siblings who enjoy food immensely and want to share it with the world. We hope that with our blog, people will choose wisely where to eat and spend their hard earned money. We want to honestly review new and interesting places to eat and recommend restaurants and dishes to other people. Having four different viewpoints in one blog is helpful – you can choose whose palate and taste is most similar with yours!


Click the Queenie

Queenie Sim loves to try new things. Read this page for fresh finds!

Jellie’s Belly

Connoisseur wannabe who loves taking pictures of her food. (Click the link below to see what she likes to eat!)

Chef Jase

Chef by day, foodie by night.

Jacq Attack

I visit popular restaurants, foodie haunts, and neighborhood faves to find our whether they live up to the hype.

Friends of Sims

Our friends love food as much as we do and are inspired to contribute too!


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